We are an American rock bit manufacturing and sales company. GT sets the standard for producing reliable, aggressive roller cone drill bits for driller in oil & gas, mining and the HDD market. We produce both Milled Tooth and TCI Bits. We combine equal parts engineering and experience to make durable, performance-driven bits that produce groundbreaking results.

Our goal is to manufacture and provide bits that showcase a maximum level of execution and dependability. Our product line is the result of decades of downhole drilling experience and field testing in the toughest applications.

Our bit’s bearings and seal systems are uniquely created using proven models to maximize load capacity and bit life. The materials used in the construction of our roller cone bits are of the highest quality. Our manufacturing processes are designed to be efficient and repeatable. With a proven method of success, our methodical system provides consistent results and the ability for our team to meet strict drilling deadlines. Our processes are constantly monitored and continuously reviewed to provide the highest valued for our customers.